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Why install GLONASS transport monitoring on a WIRTGEN W2100 car

GPS monitoring is a specialized system designed to track and monitor the condition of moving objects. GPS surveillance systems can be installed on almost any vehicle (cars/trucks and buses, rivers and ships, cars, special equipment for road construction or agricultural work). Vehicle tracking systems usually consist of two components: on-board equipment (trackers and sensors attached to the vehicle) and software. It is not difficult to install it on a WIRTGEN W 2100 car . Recently, global positioning systems have become very popular.

However, not everyone can take full advantage of this system, as not everyone is aware of all its possibilities. Save your company money. As a rule, companies overestimate the specific fuel consumption, and in this regard, the driver earns extra fuel. Having written off this saved fuel according to the voucher, he pours it into cans and sells it at a discount or refills his personal transport. To compensate for the higher fuel consumption, the driver starts the kilometers traveled meter on the speedometer. Erroneous receipts are bought for such depreciated fuel or simply written off. The GPS transport monitoring system is definitely needed by those who want to monitor the operation of their fleet, for this you can use any equipment from more than 800 available models of GPS trackers and GPS beacons. And install it on your WIRTGEN W 2100 car . By installing a GPS monitoring system and a fuel level sensor in your car, you will be able to identify all the scammers. You can choose the model and manufacturer of the GPS tracker yourself, for example: CGuard Litom and install it on your own or through the partners of the TREKBERRY server, on your WIRTGEN W 2100 car.

 The movement of the car with the lights off. The driver, when driving a car with the headlights off, creates the likelihood of an emergency and even an accident, and also leads to a decline in the company's image. Deliberate downtime of a car or an entire fleet. Instead of following the established route, the driver arranges a long stop during working hours for the purpose of unscheduled rest or hidden sabotage. If you still can't drive a vehicle, 99.9% of the time you are being cheated, and the company spends more money than it should! You can start saving in advance. Installing a traffic control system can save you up to 20%. On average, the payback period of installations is 1-3 months.

The current and historical position, speed, distance traveled, fuel level in the tank, ignition (on/off), target onboard voltage, data from connected digital and analog sensors are monitored. If the car is equipped with a CAN bus, it can be used to read all the data about the state of the transport system. The system is based on well-known maps such as Google Maps, Bing and OpenStreetMap, and contains maps of roads, satellites and terrain for the whole world.

Additionally, the system allows you to connect additional custom maps of regions. The cards are always connected as needed. GPS-monitoring systems of GLONASS transport will help you improve the overall efficiency of fleet transportation, significantly reduce costs, expenses and risks, as well as improve the quality of your business. Increase efficiency with GPS vehicle monitoring. GPS tracking of transport allows you to see the position of your car at a certain time on an electronic map, view the route of objects, monitor fuel consumption and congestion. All traffic data can be stored in a database without a permanent connection to the server. Dispatchers can generate waybills, store them in a database, use GPS data to generate reports on visited objects, automatically compare them with waybills, track fuel consumption, trips, etc. for any period of time. You can create graphical and tabular reports on distance, speed and travel time. all vehicles. Undoubtedly, all these measures will increase the efficiency of the transport industry.

The name of manufacturers of GLONASS trackers, GPS beacons that are supported by the TREKBERRY transport monitoring server: Wialon IPS, GLONASSSOST, Aspicore, Atlox, BITREK, CGuard, Cityeasy, Coban Electronics, ConCox, CradlePoint, DEAO, EASYROAD TECHNOLOGY, Etrack Digital Technology, Falcon, Fayton, Fort-Telecom, GALILEOSKY, GlobalSat, GlobusGPS, Gosafe, Kingneed, Leadtek, LEKEMI, M2M,Megastek Technologies, Meitrack, Mictrack, Naviset, Navixy, Navtelecom, Novacom, Pomcell, Proma Sat, Queclink Wireless Solutions, Reachfar, Rilla Technology, RoadKey, Ruptela, RVi Group, SEEWORLD Technology Corporation, Senseit, SinoTrack, Standart LLC, STD 59, StarLine, Teltonika, TK STAR, TM OKO, Topin, Toplovo Industrial, Tracker Technology, Transcom, TwinMask, Venmax, Vjoy Car, Wonder Proud, Wonlex, XE Electronic Technology Co., LTD, Xexun, YuLongDa Technology Ltd., ZGPAX, ZXS, Autoscan, Autophone, AGENT Production Association, Antares, APK COM, GPSlife, Arusnavi, Helix, Ivan Glonassov, Izhevsk Radio Factory, Irz Online, M-Board, Neomatics LLC, ADM, Rhythm, Santel-Navigation, SKYNAVIS (LiveGPS), SCOUT, Hawkeye, Watchman, Sphere of Innovation, Technocom, VEGA ABSOLUTE, Stationary Homemade Alarms, GPS & IoT Device Range.

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