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We save the company money. For those who have a fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Want to start making money. Then learn to save money. Remember the proverb: "Money saved is money earned." Satellite monitoring of transport works exactly according to this plan. And you will have to install it if you need profit, and not eternal waste is not clear where. This solution is suitable for you if there is a risk that the driver or your employee uses the car for personal purposes or for kalym.

So you have a passenger car in the park, which is used by an employee at work. And all the expenses with the car fall on the company. Now let's think, where do you lose money? And do you want to stop losing them? If so, then you need to urgently supply equipment for monitoring transport. Chinese trackers are also suitable, since you know that "A miser pays twice". So where do you lose money? Yes, the answer is simple: The very first and simplest if an employee uses a working car, he can steal fuel from you or fill up past the tank. The practice is quite simple and common, when a full tank of 40 liters is refueled at a gas station, and 10 liters go to the canister at once.

There are even simpler schemes. Now even large companies do not have fuel cards, so the driver refuels for cash and then provides a check. And what prevents him from taking at the checkout from the garbage can just a check and 20-40 liters and then provide it. After all, you can not check from the word nor how. So it turns out that greed is now paid for by your losses for the next years. So maybe the driver isn't stealing your fuel. Well, how does he use the car? It may also be that due to the driving style, some parts may fail faster, for example, clutch discs, due to fast jerks from a place, their service life may be reduced by five times. And you are willing to pay for repairs every season or still do maintenance twice a year. In addition, the driver can drive on their own roads, and this, firstly, is an extra fuel consumption, this is an extra mileage that wears out the car.

In addition, the more wear and tear, the cheaper the car will then be when you try to sell it. It turns out that the lack of monitoring of transport completely frees the hands of your employees. And in any controversial issue, you will lose in court, since you do not have any evidence that could somehow prove your case. And the readings from the tracker and from the car's CAN bus can help you find and punish the wrong employee and save you up to 50% of the cost of operating the car.

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