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Rent of a transport monitoring WEB server for satellite terminals

Is your business expanding rapidly? It doesn't matter, you can use the services of the TREKBERRY transport monitoring server without restrictions. It is easy and simple to add new vehicles for maintenance at any time. Subject to timely payment of server services, the history of the object is stored without deletion. For each GPS tracker, you can build a convenient schedule.

Plot a route, view parking lots and stops. View the status of the parameters that the GPS tracker transmits to the server. Up to four geofences can be made for each tracker, and entry and exit from the geofence can be controlled. So with the help of the TREKBERRY transport monitoring server, it is possible to implement the functions of electronic fence. It is quite difficult to constantly monitor the fleet of vehicles, so you can create event notifications and generate sending events. So you can send events to telegram, viber, VKontakte, by email or by SMS.For each object on the server, you can create a link to view the location, for example, to a client or a law enforcement officer. In order for him to be able to access the location of the vehicle online. All objects can be displayed on the same map at the same time, which makes it easy to control them visually.

For great convenience and simplicity and speed of access, a mobile application is available for download for you. There is a very interesting notification function for proximity zones. For example, you have a food delivery company in restaurants and cafes, and you can mark all your customers on the map and set up proximity zones, and every time the driver arrives at the place, a notification will be sent about approaching a stationary object. All events that are generated by the server are stored in a log and can be viewed if you want to clean up the history, it can also be done from the monitoring server software.You can plot the routes and see the values and their changes over time when the vehicle is moving. For example, if the satellite terminal sends packets to the server values from the can of the car tire, for example, such as RPM, or engine temperature, a notification can be created on the server if the values are exceeded, an event will be generated that the engine speed has been exceeded, or the engine is overheating.

You can also create notifications for other events by sensors from the can of the car tire.The server also stores the value of the distance traveled and writes the data to the odometer. Then you can use this data to create an odometer notification. For example, you can use such a system to create automatic notifications for vehicle maintenance. Create a notification when passing 7500 km that engine oil and filters need to be replaced. Or when passing 15,000 km of brake pads and so on, you can make events for the entire maintenance of vehicles. This system can greatly facilitate the maintenance of the company's fleet and reduce the cost of maintaining the fleet.

Additionally, you can create sensors from those parameters. That they come to the server, and make calibration tables for sensors. For example, such tables are made for fuel level sensors or other sensors for which data redefinition should be used. Also, if you need to transfer data to another system or RNIC. You can set up data relay. For example, in the settings for relaying data to the RNIC system of the Moscow region, specify the server address and port in the settings, then all incoming data will be transmitted to the RNIC server. Before sending the data, do not forget to register in the system. Additionally, you can receive daily, weekly or monthly reports both manually and automatically. Reports are based on mileage with an analysis of parking lots and parking lots. You can also make a report on fuel consumption by vehicle mileage.

Get a report on all the data. Which the satellite terminal sends to the server. To generate events and emergency notifications, make notifications via SMS to your phone. (ATTENTION!!! For sending SMS, a fee is charged for sending SMS) An important event may also be the loss of the tracker from the network, for this event, you can also generate a notification about the loss from the network or appearance on the network and send this notification by SMS, email, VIBER or TELEGRAM, VKontakte. To create unique functions, you can use the API to work with the server and generate events on request. For example, using the API, you can poll the server about the status of the tracker and its location and generate violations of geofences, intersection of areas, and other events. You can also build your own reports from the data from the server.

The TREKBERRY transport monitoring server supports work with more than 700 models of GPS/GLONASS trackers, you can use any of the listed ones for use on the server Wialon IPS, GLONASS, Aspicore, Atlox, BITREK, CGuard, Cityeasy, Coban Electronics, Concox, CradlePoint, DEAO, EASYROAD TECHNOLOGY, Etrack Digital Technology, Falcon, Fayton, Fort-Telecom, GALILEOSKY, GlobalSat, GlobusGPS, Gosafe, Kingneed, Leadtek, LEKEMI, M2M,Megastek Technologies, Meitrack, Mictrack, Naviset, Navixy, Navtelecom, NoName, Novacom, Pomcell, Proma Sat, Queclink Wireless Solutions, Reachfar, Rilla Technology, RoadKey, Ruptela, RVi Group, SEEWORLD Technology Corporation, Senseit, SinoTrack, Standart LLC, STD 59, StarLine, Teltonika, TK STAR, TM OKO, Topin, Toplovo Industrial, Tracker Technology, Transcom, TwinMask, Venmax, Vjoy Car, Wonder Proud, Wonlex, XE Electronic Technology Co., LTD, Xexun, YuLongDa Technology Ltd., ZGPAX, ZXS, Autoscan, Autophone, AGENT Production Association, Antares, APK COM, Arusnavi, Helix, Ivan Glonassov, Izhevsk Radio Plant, Irz Online, M-Board, Neomatics LLC, ADM, Rhythm, Santel-Navigation, SKYNAVIS (LiveGPS), SCOUT, Hawkeye, Watchman, Sphere of Innovation, Technocom, VEGA ABSOLUTE, EGTS. You can buy all the trackers listed in the list yourself and configure their operation.

We give you the maximum opportunity to remove intermediaries from the chains and build your own remote transport control system as profitably as possible and, for example, link it to 1C or other automatic systems, such as AMOCRM.

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