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LADA LARGUS: GPS GLONASS monitoring of transport.

Good afternoon, everyone. Today I would like to tell you about the opportunities that are currently available for LADA LARGUS car owners if they want to install a monitoring system on the car. The following is very relevant for companies that have a lot of such vehicles in their fleet. What are we ready to offer today? And the full range of features is available today.

So you can read the parameters both from the vehicle's CAN bus, and receive data from analog sensors and transmit all the data in real time to the server. What can you get from kan bus? Yes, quite a lot of information about the condition of the car and about the parameters of the engine. You can also do an engine lock on such a car, to prohibit its start.

All this, of course, is put in bypassing the standard LADA LARGUS alarm system. But there are also more opportunities. So you can easily get the status of the doors. Which car door is open or closed. Also upload data on opening the hood to the server. Opening and closing the rear doors. Including if the van version is used.

Monitor the opening of the gas tank hatch and even record the opening and closing of the gas tank hatch. Get data on engine speed, how much fuel is currently in the tank. By the amount of fuel in the tank, you can already control the consumption (Fuel consumption). Monitor refueling, refueling past the tank, stealing and draining fuel. Well, standard things like mileage, speed, route, speeding, driving style, and more. But you can also strengthen the protection against theft or theft.

Make authorization via the app or an additional Immobilizer, to authorize the driver and prohibit starting the engine. Also make smart automatic locks. For example, blocking when using means of suppressing cellular communication (jammer). Getting access is quite simple for this is used the WIALON server provides powerful functionality. For logistics, reporting. Vehicle tracking and many other features.

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