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How the TREKBERRY Transport Monitoring Server helps to monitor bike rental in Helsinki

Good afternoon. Today I want to tell you how bike rental uses the TREKBERRY server. The client has its own system of monitoring and accounting of working hours. But their system, due to difficulties, was not tied to working with GPS trackers. There was no control over the time of work and delivery of bicycles. As well as the control of personnel on the honesty of delivery and use for personal purposes.

I use the server API, a system has been finalized that controls the leaving of the bicycle parking lot and, if it is not in the rental, a verification notification is created. The route and working hours are also controlled via the API, which helps to monitor employees and accurately calculate the working hours of bicycles and control costs. And also to identify cases of unfair work of the staff. And to help in the search, in case of theft of company property.

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