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Automatic fixing of the weight of the load. Transport monitoring.

Good afternoon, everyone. Today we will talk about a fairly simple question, why do we need to install an automatic weighing system? Yes, indeed, now it is already included on tractors, but there are no complete solutions for cars up to 10 tons, and if you have a transport with a maximum permissible load of 3 or 5 tons, you can not do without such a system.

Why put it all quite simple and on the example of ready-made cases, I will show them to you now. The very first is the suspension. Each suspension is designed for a certain load, so the car is 5 tons, and on the base it was loaded with all 7 tons, what do you get, and then you get more wear and tear of the car and constant bills for repairs. It could even be worse. For example, our partners have ordered such a system from us. When, after overloading, the car burst in half. You specify how much the repair costs, not counting the fact that the cargo inside was also damaged by the fall. The workers will say the order of the chief, and the chief will say I did not load, so look for the guilty ones.

Everyone will quit, and the compensation for the destroyed or damaged cargo is on you, and even the repair of transport. But that's not the worst part. The story is the same with the 5 ton truck. The car, loaded to the brim, goes 110-120 km per hour. What will happen to the engine from such a load? And nothing good. From experience, in this mode, the engine from Yekaterinburg to Samara did not reach only 10 kilometers and then went for major repairs. And he left not alone, but together with the compensation for the cargo that was not delivered on time.

And the driver only wanted to go about his business a couple of hours earlier. Repairs from the driver? Vryatli, at most you will deprive him of his salary after dismissal, and he will incite a bunch of checks on you and as a result, he will lose 30 thousand in the black, and you will lose more than a hundred on fines from the tax and labor inspectorate. It is also convenient to prevent overload if the car is rented out.

The next case, a gazelle, with a maximum load capacity of 1.5 tons, was loaded with more than 5 tons of metal at the metal sales base. What will happen to the suspension, and who will pay for its repair. Of course, the owner of the car did not allow the car to leave the metal base in time and received compensation from the client. Cases in which without monitoring systems, the company suffers losses quite a lot, not which are stupid. But rather well-thought-out fraud schemes can only be detected with transport monitoring systems.

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