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Alarm button or SOS button. Transport monitoring.

Good day to all today we will talk about such a function of the alarm button also called the sos button as you guessed already by the name before the button is needed in order to be able to notify emergency dispatchers. And so that the dispatcher can react to an emergency push of the button and perform the direct actions that they have prescribed in the regulations.

This sos button is an ordinary button on which it will be protected by a special cap or this toggle switch, which is also protected by a special cap. These outputs are connected to either analog inputs or digital inputs. The usual connection of the SOS button occurs through the connection of 1 pin to the terminal input, and the other pin is connected to + basically + this on-board voltage is used + 12 or + 24 volts. The button works exactly when it is closed by the driver or another person who presses the sos button after pressing the sos button but the onboard voltage passes through it usually it can be 12 or 24 volts and the contact closes after the contact closes tracks depending on the settings record.

And sends it to the server after sending it to the point on the family to the dispatcher can react to the events of pressing the sos button the only thing that can be provided as used in all SOS buttons is a protective cap on this button so that there are no accidental clicks there are no false positives now at this moment all cars have era Glonass which is equipped with an sos button but sometimes it happens that you need to equip an additional sos button which is a secret button for the driver.

Sometimes on the tracker itself there is already a parasitic power supply usually this is a parasite on the power supply is 3. 3 volts or 5 volts.To install such a device is quite simple and independently so you can buy a tracker that has analog or digital inputs such as TELTONICS or any other manufacturer such as Navtelecom and install there yourself the button hide it under the steering wheel or hide it under the panel. An important condition for the installation is to hide the button so that you can easily press the menu, but at the same time so that you can not click on it purely by accident.

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