Схема монтажа TELTONIKA FMC225
Waterproof LTE CAT 1 terminal with RS485/RS232 interfaces and backup battery
FMC225 is WATER AND DUST RESISTANT tracker with 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage including 2G (GSM) fallback compatibility. Device equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE modules, internal GNSS and LTE antennas.
FMC225 developed on the existing Teltonika platform, therefore it keeps all of the functionalities from FMC125 with an additional IP67 resistance to dust and water.
This tracker is dust tight and protected against the effects of a temporary immersion in water. It can be mounted inside and outside of a vehicle without worries that high pressured water, mud or dusty environment will impact its operation or performance quality. This is particularly relevant for the industries where harsh conditions exist, such as agriculture, construction and mining, and more.
Device is designed for communication with various third party RS232 or RS485 devices, like digital fuel sensors (LLS), Garmin navigation device, RFID reader and much more. The Dual-SIM feature provides a backup communication channel where the coverage of a singular operator is not sufficient. As well Dual-SIM feature will let you significantly reduce roaming costs.
It’s just a small part of existing functionality but it allows to make FMC225 even better.
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