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TREKBERRY for GPS monitoring of prisoners and convicts

The cost of prisons is huge, and all these costs are borne by taxpayers. So people who have served their sentences have problems with social adaptation in society. Many can serve their sentences under house arrest, which reduces the cost of maintaining individual prisoners and improves the quality of the process of serving their sentences. One of the solutions was GPS surveillance of the prisoner using autonomous GPS beacons manufactured by Gosafe and Megastek.

She worked with our partner TREKBERRY on the preparation, testing and launch of a project for its GPS monitoring of a prisoner under house arrest. This reduces the load on the system and makes monitoring of violators easier and more reliable.

Their position, movement in the permitted zone, charging of the GPS bracelet, the status of the bracelet strap are monitored. After fixing the violation, the dispatcher is promptly informed of the violation.

 Examples of such signals: exiting the permitted geofence, low battery of the GPS beacon, disconnecting the bracelet or removing the strap, sending to

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