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ATV tracking: Which GPS tracker and transport monitoring server should I use?

Back in 2010, transport monitoring was only available to large companies that had a whole fleet of 100-200 units of equipment. For ordinary people, tracking their transport has become available since 2015-2016, when cheap Chinese trackers began to appear freely on the market, and quite good offers from domestic manufacturers.

From this side, I would like to mention the GPS tracker StarLine M15 and StarLine M17 for a long period of time, it was the most popular and affordable tracker. With the development of the market, competition has also increased, now any trackers are available to ordinary users in 2023, and there are many platforms with which they can work.

When the task is to monitor your ATV, it is worth determining how much it is dear to you, and how much you are willing to spend to protect it from theft. For frequent ATVs do not drive around the city, they drive over rough terrain, and in villages and villages. There is not such strict control over this type of transport. Considering the cost of an ATV from 550.000 to 3.800.000 rubles, and children's options from 120,000 to 250,000 rubles, ATVs are at risk of theft.

For what purposes can your ATV be stolen from you?

You won't believe it, but the crisis in the economy, falling incomes have only increased the risks of theft at times. So the easiest thing to steal to go for a ride is left, and for frequent such equipment they then throw it anywhere that it is difficult to find it. But what's next? You will either not find it in a ravine or abandoned in the forest. Or homeless people will find it faster and simply drag it away for scrap metal.

Theft is most common, for resale to a third party. In this case, it is slightly more likely to find a technique than in other variants. Not a stupid buyer, will check the documents before buying. Then the buyer of such stolen equipment will be shocked when checking the documents by the fact that the ATV is stolen. The statistics of ATVs are quite sad, only a small part of the equipment is located. There is also another main reason, which is not a little relevant now.

This is the theft of an ATV as a donor, it will be disassembled for spare parts and used spare parts will be sold separately. To find such a thing. Moreover, it is very difficult to track. If you sell spare parts in a hurry, they can easily get up to 40% of its cost, for those who can wait, they will sell your ATV for spare parts longer, but they will be able to get from 60 to 80 percent of its cost. Especially now with new sanctions and rising prices for spare parts, this direction is very popular. Not to mention custom-made thefts for export to neighboring countries for unhindered use.

How can GPS monitoring protect against ATV theft?

There is no unambiguous solution, everything depends only on you and your capabilities, and how expensive your ATV is. There are more than 800 models of GPS trackers and GPS beacons available to work with the TREKBERRY transport monitoring server. You can choose many options from the list of available models. The minimum recommended solution is the installation of a sleeping beacon like VEGA M110 or StarLine M17, Kingneed TK-13, in the mode of communication every 8-24 hours. And a GPS tracker with a lock like SimoTrack ST-901, Glonassoft UMKa310, Arnavi L1, Navtelecom SMART S-2421 or Teltonika FMB110. It is advisable to install the GPS tracker using normally closed relays or to install them with a lift in the mode of a normally open relay, so that when the GPS tracker is removed, the engine operation lock is turned on.

Putting a GPS tracker with engine operation blocking helps a lot to add problems to the hijacker so that he throws the equipment.With the use of the TREKBERRY monitoring server, you will have additional opportunities to monitor availability on the network, loss, movement, and others. All management is conveniently implemented via Telegram. And use a lot of interesting and useful functionality. Registration on the transport monitoring server is open, free of charge. You can use any equipment available to you from the list on the server.

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